Saturday, February 17, 2007

we'll be having our last batch retreat. and yes, it will be in Baguio! yebah.. that will be my first tym on that place. so it's such an accomplishment for me. [hehe].. im so excited. but of corz, along with that excitement... i know i'll be missing important people. imagine, we will be out for 4 days! and that is almost a week.. quite long huh..' our theory lectures and duty requirements are over. moreover, we will have a hard tym studying for our local board exam. and watdah, i'm so nervous! [~.~] hehe. very nervous! but yeh, im planning to do my very best to be one of the local nursing board's top 10. wat a dream ayt? lmao.. harhar! this thursday, we will defend our nursing research, thesis, in short.. quite stressful for me, coz i need to edit everything and study every detail. damn, it's so hard being a leader. . whrooor!! say goodlak to d goddess! "charing"

so long.. kisses!