Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gawd! I'm been so damn busy. I've been fixin my xanga, multiply, fs and ms accounts! my CCN training is almost over, got 1 month more then need to have a job.. :] yihee, need to earn money, life is difficult nowadays. agree? I'm planning to have a job exprience in the same hospital,so i don't need to make major adjustments. Crappy, all familiar!

My move just arrived. And I'm glad my family is whole again. :] We hang out and eat together. How sweet! This November 17, my mom along with my bros and dad will be leaving to Italy. Awtz.. Need to learn how to be independent. I know I can! Ako pa! :]

Absent ako ngayon. :} And so?! Nothing! I feel like being absent. As of now, got 2 absents na... :] But it's no big deal, really.