Monday, February 25, 2013

Vanity Fair's Do Not Disturb Campaign

Yes, Im a super collector of VanityFair mags. It all started when I started receiving monthly copies and I found this mag so interesting. When I was about to go to work, I stopped to check this huge stock of magazines and surprized to see that it is from VF. Got this DND coupons and will surely take advantage of these discouns. Hooray for that! Havent read the issue yet! But these got my attention. Have a peek! Ciao!

Reunited One Saturday Night

So happy seeing these cool people from Yaps. Havent seen them for such a long time. Lots of catching up to do ang of course ,food tripping. Being in company with kids younger than you makes me feel like Im a teeny too. Lol.

Monday, February 18, 2013

1st Day of Work + NewBook

This morning I got up a bit late. I always feel anxious every monday,knowing that I need to keep my ass working. I love having a job,because I hate idle moments but mondays are always different.
First day of work is fine,and honestly speaking I cant wait for the pay day to come. The days are still long. Better to be patient.
I got this book in Ph. I read a few pages years ago but I tot forgot the real message it brings. It'll be my nightly routine.
Thats all!
Ps. Will finalize my photoblog. Yesyes! :-D <3

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back from the Islands

We did it hoooray! This is just one amazing vacation and I can certainly tell that every detail of my single day is well spent. Met a lot of friends and did some crazy stuff but still accomplished a lot of short time goals. I left the country smiling and light hearted with no regrets. See you in 2 years Philippines?