Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Do happy people cut their hair?

I've been wanting to cut my hair months ago. Lo and behold, I just did , last week. Feels so light and good that I have my straight hair back after months and months of combing my locks under the shower, finally I can comb my hair anytime as much as I want to. (o'ye! and yes it's a big deal to me). I'm planning to have a lighter brown color soon once I get a free spot on my schedule (& budget too!) or maybe some highlights. Priorities first.  I just wish it'll go back again, can't wait to have it long and straight. No plans to getting them permed again (No, no, no). So far, no regrets. I'm gaining a lot of weight lately and it becomes a lot obvious on me having this mid-length hair. Have to focus on losing weight.

TMNT Muscle Top from F21 | Leggings from H&M | Shoes from VANS