Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why I Stopped Forum-ing?

I'm off to being a forum addict. To people who are internet freaks, they know what I mean. I've been active in several forums such as, Pinoyunderground, Banidad and recently (which I mean the latest, I'm not saying forum-ing is bad. Since 2006 I've been busy actively posting on mentioned sites. I've gained a lot of online friends from doing so. These are friends which make my cyber life extra huge (not just exchanging thoughts which friends met personally). I can say that once you start posting in forums, you'll find it hard to stop it especially if the people you're meeting are really nice. For me, it is really a good way of keeping yourself busy at the same time you can cyber-socialize.

Now, for almost a month now hindi pa ako nagoopen ng mga sites I used to spend my time with. I can say that after 3 years, I feel na sawa na ako. I spend a lilttle more time on web hopping and focusing more on the real life, which I think is "reality". More likely, I'm indulge in focusing to what really is important, family, career and love (yes, love). These are the thing I believe(strongly..) worth wasting time with. I'm 22 and I'm not getting any younger. The point? Obviouly, I should be preparing for my family's future and as well as mine.

I'm not discouraging people not to be active in forums, thread posting etc. I'm just answering the questions people are asking me especially my cyber friends. (Guys, love ko kayo..) Okerns. Bye!

Ooopss. I'll promote the sites.
www. (i'm not sure if this is still existing)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Sad Ako.

There is no perfect relationships. I totally agree. Trials in a relationship makes it a lot sweeter, for lessons are learned and mistakes are being cleared out. Wala lang, I finally realized how important honesty is in a relationship. Hindi dahil sa hindi ako honest ( 101% honest ako, fyi), pero I believe open communication should be praticed. I'm vocal to what I am feeling to my boyfriend. He knows me a lot, my flaws and the limitations i have. Though these are visible, there are a lot more things that he doesn't know. Things that I think if I tell him would make him think indifferently. I sometimes deny feelings of insecurities and jealousy. I don't want to look "kawawa" or whatever negative feedbacks he might think of. As we talked (yesterday), I have decided to tell him whatever that is bugging me. Since we are in a LDR, I can't help but to worry. I explained every bit of frustrations I 'm feeling, insecurities and jealousy (some are not new). After, I feel a lot more better. I cried to let it all out. And it feels so good. Thank God, he understands me. I believe him when he says "everythings fine".. and "i love you". I give him all the trust that I have, he's all worth it. I'm religiously praying for a healthy relationship. I'm sad right now, for reasons that I don't know. I'll be a lot more better tomorrow. I promise. :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

18 Months of Happiness

I feel love | God loves us | We are blessed