Sunday, August 26, 2007

NURSING BOARDS EXAM RESULTS out! :3 and i passed! YAHOO! :3 i owe this to God. grabe, answered prayer talaga ito. the exam was harder than expected, but 70% of mamc-avant garde made it. i'm so damn proud of my alma mater. i don't conmsider this as "chamba".. we deserve it, i know, seriously! compared with other schools, mamc got a very nice rate standing... :3 yahoo.. for sure, naloloka na ang college of nursing sa mamc. hay! :3 after the long wait, the results went out just right. and i'm so thankful that most of us passed! see you guys on october 2! oathtaking, that is! my gala uniform is not yet fixed, goodness!! but i'm super duper excited! advance happy birthday gift for me! but of course, there were some people who didn't make it. and it hurts because some people are close to us.. :'8 i know how they are feeling right now, naganticipatory grieving na ata ako before!... but hey! i believe that God has a major plan for everyone.. :] more than what you expected to be, right? so let's count the blessings!
plans plans?
well, i'm busy working on my student visa to italy. now that i made it in local boards, i'm planning to have my masteral degree in italy. master of arts in nursing! :3 i hope it's God's will! :3 bless me..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Heroes day today :3 make the most of it. i have my work later, aha! double pay, it is! :3 i miss my college friends aka dhung and dhays! :[ i miss our hang outs and fun moments. hay! grabe, gusto ko na sila makita ulit :3 heniweiz, i think i'm a freak! i almost slept 14 hours! bangag na nga ata ako.. but it feels good.. super well rested! :] much work to do later. when i woke up, nabasa ko ang text sa akin ni Raymond Dhung.. "Dhay, alam ko masyado kang busy. Magpahinga ka naman.". Well, sobrang natouch ako sa text nia.. and i realized that i should rest too. hehe :3 namiss ko tuloy ang mga kaibigan ko. anyhow, i know we'll be seeing each other again. can't wait to see them! :3
happy moments! :3

ciao everyone! :] got a long day sleep... this week is kinda weird for me. i'm livin' like a vampire! and i love it.. i've been so damn busy and i find it hard to get some time with my self. go shopping, pampering myself, it sucks. really! but when monetary stuff enters in, that's different. i was like counting days before the next salary will be. and that motivates me.. that is what you call "money hunger"... it's like i'm living independently now. i'm spending my own money. i need to budget everything, as in, budget my daily allowances up to my "vices" and "vanity stuffs"... and i'm working on it.. i hope i'm doing it right.. :] Bless me.. :]
i'm working on my Italian visa application. i really gotta go with my mom! :] more money, more opportunity and experience. that's why
i'm graving for it. it is a student visa. so i don't have to worry much of the requirements! everything will be my mom's responsibility.. :] i'm so damn excited... yeahyeah! :]

foto chits! coming...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

holla! sunday, it is! jem is so damn happy! the 10-day foundation training is now over. and the whole 3-10 pioneeers made it. we all passed! yahoo! :] and so, we can proceed to the much harder step, an extremely complicated phase, [tadah] product training! we will be moving to the other building. next to taipan, the PT will be in Prestige Pent House.. :] and i need more powers this time! i can do it!our sked was also changed! it will be 10pm to 7am this coming week. hell right? hope it'll be fun.. hope so :]

heniweiz, the tension in nursing board exams is rising! results will be out by august 15 or 17, according to hearsays. :[ very scary though.the eaxm was twice harder than expected. i did my best during the exam, and i know that whatever the results will be, God still has this great plan in stored for me. So, God's will be done.

later tonight, we'll be hitting trinoma :] been there for 3xs already. the place was like the typical ayala malls. very nice! :] i'm planning to buy something.. eniweiz, mom gave us extra budget for shopping purposes :]

Saturday, August 04, 2007

olrytie, it's saturday people! It's so damn boring, really!:] the week that had past was described as the "turtle week", and i just don't know why.. :] im so damn busy with my foundation training... well, training is fun, but not quite. it's like we were doing activities for 8 hours and other funny stuffs. far from my expectations. hope i'll pass the FT for me to proceed to the next step. anyhow, about the people in my class, i find them great and friendly. :] i never had a hard time dealing with these people even they are 2 to 3 years older than i am. hehe.
okay okay okay, moving along, i heard that august 15 will be the judgement day! :] the releasing of the 2007 june nursing boards results! and AMOF there were only 40 thousand examinees passed the exam. almost half of the examinees failed. and that's awful! :[ very frightening! early this morning i texted my friends about this, and they were like scared just like me! well, i know God was with me that time when i was answering the whole exam thing! that's why i need to be confident. just continue praing for me guys! :] oryt?
so, i need to end up my journal now. till' next time! ciao! :]