Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BER Months + Chilly Mornings + Cold Nights

Time flies fast and it's crazzzy! Oh by the way, got my hair color changed. Didn`t have the chance to dip colored it but at least it looks decently fine. It`s rosso intenso baby! ♡ My mom doesn`t like it tho. Don`t worry much it fades off in time mothaa. ♡ I did it all by myself, no help, just me, my ordinary plastic brush, my huge long hair and the thinggy. I`m forever alone in everyway. Gettin` to used to it ♡
Adesso, vado a dormire. Had my tablet configured so I tried posting a new blog before I park ways! Goodnight from the bottom of my heart!
Errands and meet-up sked tomorrow. ♥ thanks Lord for all these! I love you!