Sunday, December 31, 2006

haller.. hours nalang it's 2007 nah.. [excited,huh?].. well,i'm uber full. i ate almost 6 sticks of hotdogs.. [haha..].. my tummy is bigger than before.. watatah!! well, im planning to go back to pasay tomoro or maybe the next day. hay.. dameng mga gagawin.. whuuuhhh!#$%&
angela came over [op cors w/ my tita] she's hella cute.. but a lil' bit shy. she's a camera lover, hehe, like her cousin , ehemmmmm... pictures:

^angela and jem^

Saturday, December 30, 2006

new layout



Friday, December 29, 2006

advance happy new year to us!! 2007 is coming.. and let's ol party! yabah!! *hehehe* and so, my new years resolutions are still processing.. i hope this time magiging makatotohanan na sya.. hehe!!! graveh, antalaw ko today! cguro every hour kumakaen ako... i dunno why.. pero gnun tlga cguro pag-inlab.. weee!! and maybe it's because i have this inspiration to eat and eat and eat... staying in the house for almost a week is eber boring. teh cold wind in my bedroom plus teh cold stiffining music of the dresden dolls kills me to death.. hehe.. btw, i enjoy their "gothic" music.. some sort of relaxation to my ears.. like a tralala... aside from the dresden dolls i accidentally downloaded a musical from Lacuna Coil.. it's quite fine.. very stylish sleek type of musicale.. tomoro, i'm planning to register for the next election.. goshie im 20 now and i need to VOTE.. weee its my right, ayt? bye for now... ciao!! kisses!^look!! headband, teh best baby!!^

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


it's cold outside... weeee.. i like the weather!!! *giggles* my stomach is not feeling well.. geezzz.. i'm havin***... hahah.. very funny! i almost ate half a bottle of cheeze spread... [hihi]... pinapak ko lng... how weird isn't it.. enjoy nmn.. goody!
ambilis ng araw ngayon.. graveh.. d ko namalayan. siguro masya lang ako today.. hehe.. yipey!* becaUSE of my g**damn happiness i cleaned my room.. make some arrangements and changed the linens as well as the curtains... whoooaaalaaahh.. brand new room.. happy sleeping later.. <3 style="color: rgb(51, 204, 0);">bagong buhay!! vavooooommm!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

whayyyyy!! at last!! e2 na aking latest posting dito. and SHIEEETTT!!! [allow me to use that nasty expresyon!]... im uber happy this time! and don't ask why! i'm overwhelmed.. dat's ol...
well, i'm dreaming of having a short hair.. and yes! [this is it]... eto ' na cia... super short hair! damn im lovin' it.. and i don't hella care for other's sarcastic comments.. as long as i'm enjoying it.. everything doesn't matter [intiendes].. i feel a lil' lighter.. watever!!! and here's the details:
dECEMBER 24,2006, David's Salon, SM D
asmarinas, 3:30pm
hahaha [very funny]

classes will resume january 3, 2006.. and i have to accompli
sh a lot of my requirements b4 that fuckn' date!! [so, help me God].. i need to graduate. i dnt wanna fail my parents! aniwei, i'm doing fine.. and dats wat matters.. give me sum kissess fellas.. my dreams are gettin' clearer.. awwwww... <3

piktuyrs.. kodak-kodakan galore:
[eat 'em if you want], <3>
love me love me