Sunday, October 20, 2013

Medicating Myself,Yeah Im a Doc!

I got a sweet letter. While reading it, I was so dead blowing my nose and sneezing. Here it goes:

The are a lot of things in life,no matter how cautious we are,bumps into us. And,these things, even we try to ignore them,it will try and try to distruct your own harmony until you'll finally give in,and do what is the right just to flush it out of your system. It will be worth it in the end.

This is your friendly 7-day companion,

Friday, October 18, 2013

Freaking Cold Cold Season

Sweaters on. Beanies and scarfs are a huge hype now. Yes, the cold season is finally here. After a few months of scourging summer heat, long days and short nights, this bed weather knocks like a bang. It's a sudden change of weather, the result? Colds, fever, influenza and stuffs of the same kind. I caught a  virus 3 weeks ago, and I think I got another rhinovirus again. And, Im not liking it. Though I have some sick leaves, I believe it is not the right time to spend all my entire day in bed. I work as an employee part-time (well, 1/3 time), I have a busy life as a business woman. (lol), The @pqfboutique on IG and ThePackingQueen on FB is a huge hit still after me getting famous for my highwaist shorties. I love this shop, and I somehow plan not to stop is small activity of mine (of which I call my very own).
So, welcoming the season with some new pairs of shoes I got today. I've been on a hunt for nice comfy pairs for rainy season aside from boots, so I got these.
(L) OneWay Classic Shiny Oxford in Cream/Black - €39.00
(R) Coca Bordeux Creepers Flatform- €30.00
Wanting to go to Serravalle one of these weekends. I WANT A MK BAG.