Monday, December 01, 2008

First Aniv

I'm suffering from LSS (Last Song Syndrome)!! All day long, I'm singing When I Grow Up by PCD. I started to miss my gimmick days with my fellas. It has been a long time since I danced on the floor.
It's a wonderful day today, though I'm a lil' bit tired. It's our First Ever Aniverssary. I'm very much overwhelmed because I didn't expect that were able to keep this relationship this long knowing that we both have tight schedules. And of course despite a lot of distractors (Hiast!) Since we were not able go out to celebrate this fantastic day, we have decided to postponed our celebration for this Thursday or Friday, hopefully. I really appreciate the efforts of my boyfriend midnight of December 02, 2008. I received a missed call and a text fromhim telling me that he is downstairs. I was surprised when I went down I saw 1 family size pizza with 2 fancy glass and a bottle of red wine. In short, we had a candle light midnight dinner. How cute!! Since I was so overwhelmed that time, I forgot to take pictures of it. It is a dinner to remember. I thank God for this wonderful gift he gave me. May God bless our relationship more!