Saturday, December 15, 2007

The day is quite boring... I woke up late 10am, ate my breakfast right away and do the internet hopping. :] I don't really know why i get so much pleasure from this non sense thing. But whatever that is, I'm enjoying it. And that really matters. Agree? I'm graving for chocolates! Geezzz, yesterday i bought 4 kinds of chocolate bars!! I'm an addict, i know. :] harhar... I hope i won't get fat. Hindi un bagay sa akin! :] Scary thing! Christmas is coming to it's existence, and I can't feel it! Too bad, I'm spending it without my family. I'm a family bonded buddy, I admit it. Well, I guess I really have to enjoy my Christmas alone, with just my relatives. Thank God for my Mama Jo and company. :] Apir!

Heaven is Here

Gawd! My CCN Training is almost over. Need to finish 1 more exam, finale! :] Wahaha.. I'm thinking of my next plan, hmmm, need to find a job, i need to earn money now! it's about time i think. I got my license, my PRC certificates by December 20 and Training certificate... I uber inspired this past few days. I so happy. :]
December 2 is the date. Very significant. It's the day I finally entrusted my heart, again. I love him, and i mean it. :] I'm so much in love. We jive together, and I think that's pretty important. I trust him and he trusts me. What more can I ask for. May the good Lord bless us. :]

Call it us. :]
Christian Tabora + Jemielyn Camitan