Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Surgery Diary


Hours after the surgery in my room. I can finally smile. hihih :D


Picture taken by Mahal on the 3rd day, when I tried to sit for the first time. Kewl. :)


The morning of my 2nd post-surg day. They are showing me how fast the urine bag fills. Uffa!


My first ever IV Solution, D5LR 1L.


This was taken early morning maybe around 6.30-7 where I got my last bath and getting myself ready for the operation. Nervous? Nah... :)

And Mahal didn't miss out the.. errr.. I forgot the name of this.


The scary IV Insertion kit. Ok, credits again to Ian. :)

The journey began August 11, 2010 when I finally decided to have my initial checkup regarding my increasing abdominal girth. We have decided to have the check up in Tagaytay Hospital since its convenience in terms of distance. The Doctor named, Dr. Russel Correa an internal medicine doctor in the OPD of the said hospital made the initial assessment. He's impression was abdominal mass. He said it might be ovarian in origin but more assessment should be made to rule out it's origin. The day after (August 12, 2010,Wednesday), I had my first diagnostoc procedure UTZ of the whole abdomen. That time I was with my brother, Jake. The result of the examination was abdominal mass with a high probability of ovarian in origin. We were supposed to line up for an OB check up but we thought of going strAIght to MAMC or MMC since if I'm going to undergo an operation it
should be with my preferred hospital.

After a small talk with my Mom, I realized it is better to have my operation done in Makati Med for some private reasons. I believe I can have my recovery faster since I wouldn't have that much stress of people whom I know and for privary concerns. My OB-Gyne doctor named, Dra. Maria Lisa Gozon-Francisco examined me for the first time and decided for a stat operation. But, she needs to have examinations settled first before the surgery which is normally done. My pre-operation clearance wasn't that easy. Part of it was the very important, Pelvic UTZ to rule out if there are chances of carcinoma and to visualize the whole cyst. It turned out to be negative of pre-cancer assessment which made me a little ok. I need to have my pulmo cleared and blood exams be completed prior to surgery. Thank God after almost 3 days, everything is completed and all is set up. During these times, I had the assistance of Ian and Majo, going back and forth to the hospital and back home in Cavite. I thank them for their patience and goodness that they stayed with me all the way.
Days before my operation, my life was turned inside out. It wan't easy being in this situation as an adolescent. I said, this isn't supposed to happen and I'm still young. I prayed so hard and trusting Him that I would pass this test in my life quickly. He heard and asnwered my prayers.

I got admitted in room 557, a small private room in a clean cases unit on the 10th of August. For the first night I stayed with my boyfriend, Ian. I'm so thankful of having him during those times. He is my angel, I said to myself. My operation would be tomorrow of that day, 8.00am. The night passed without any worries. We prayed ang trusted God. We claimed His promises and relaxed.

August 11, I woke up 6.00am for the nurse instructed me to have my last bath and for the
last enema (I had my first the night before). 7.00am, 2 nurses came by for my IV insertion. They wasn't able to insert the IV for my veins are weak. Ian also tried, but, likewise he didn't make it. The doctor decided to have the IV inserted in the Operationg room. 8.00am, a nurse came and gave me my pre-meds, 2 IM injections on my both arms made me feel dizzy and a little relaxed. I was able to talk to the people around me, Ian, Jake, Majo and my Mother over the fone while I'm lying on bed for I can hardly open my eyes and stand up. For the first minutes I can still sense everything around me, what the people says, and where I was at. I can still remember the moment I entered the OR, where the Anesthesiologist tried to wake me up to introduce herself. She inserted the IV and asked to turn to side. That was the last time I remembered something. And yes, I still remember the time they cleaned and shaved off my hairs down. ^^

During that time, I can still remember that I woke up 3 times. The first time, when I opened my eyes, I saw this super big light source which I believe is the light that the surgeons are using during the operation. Second,I woke up and had a feeling that someone is touching my abdomen, a feeling like they are wiping something off my abdomen but it is a little numb. Then I fell asleep. Lastly, I woke up and this time I feel an itchy feeling around my left eye. I can lift my left arm this time to scratch off the itch but very weak. There's an oxygen mask on my face, BP cuff wrapped around my left arm and a tight feeling on my abdomen. I didn't feel any pain. I remained awake but eyes were closed for an hour I think or more, I'm not sure. I know that I'm in the recovery room. I heard a nurse telling the doctor that my HR is high so i need to be close monitored. Hydration was also ordered as I heard it. But thank God, it went down a little and heard the nurse telling me that we are now ready to go back to my room. God is really Good. :D

I'm already conscious the time I entered my room. There was Ian, Jake and Mamajo. My grandmother and my 2 cousins, Macky and Marvin was also there to visit me. It was so nice seeing them for I know they came a long way just to see if I'm all good. Unfortunately, I was instructed not to speak during that time, for air might accumulate in my stomach making it painful afterwards. It was also nice to know from Ian that the cyst, after FBS turned out to be benign and I thanked God so much for this. He, again, answered my prayers. That time I knew that I stayed 5 hours in the recovery room for I need my HR to be stabilized. All in all, I was out for 7-8 hours. I also realized that I had a foley catheter inserted, a very tight binder around my abdomen, an IV infused on my right hand, an IV stand with 2 lines of D5LR and an anesthetic drip with infusion pump and an epidural catheter still inserted. There was still no pain, only numbness and weakness tho I can move my extremities. Xie and Chi, my long lost friends, also came by to visit me before the day ends. These 2 girls was able to see how my epidural catheter was pulled out andhow painful it was. Before the doctor pulled it away, I had my loading dose of morphine, which made me so dizzy and weak. The anesthesiologist came to visit me and advised taht walking and stting would help me recover faster. But I know it is very impossible on the first day

I woke up early, and the nurse instructed me that they will discontinue the IV for pain and I'll have the oral ones.My main IV line was to consume and before the day ends, it was taken off me. My flatus was also monitored but unfortunately, I still didn't have it up until the night time.And since I wasn't able to do my first flatus, I'm on clear liquids diet. My foley cath was also pulled out. Learning how to pee without the cath is one of the hardest challenges I need to over come. Thanks to Ian for he help me pee with water stimulation. Since I wan't able to pee in the bathroom, I always use bedpan. Ian and I could never imagine how messy it was, but still he stayed beside me helping me tho I know it's really hard for him.I'm still weak but the doctors were always there reminding me to seat, stand and walk for it'll help on my respiration, healing and circulation. Ian and Jake stayed with me during these times. I can say that this is one of the hardest days of
my operation since the effect of the IV pain meds were fading away. During the night time, I can feel where my incision was.I can now experience pain, but the good Lord help me sustain it.

2nd day of pain and adjustments. On this day, I woke up so early in the morning. I asked Ian to assist me on a sitting position. I have decided to do this to ease the "ngalay" of my back and legs. It seems so easy to do the sitting position but it's a little awkward tho' because of the discomforts I felt on my shoulders and lower back and diffuclty of breathing at some points especially after meals. But this time, after 1 suppository of dulcolax I began to defecate and do normal flatus. I was able to eat full diet. Full assistance was still needed. It was a good idea to wash myself esp my hair because it smells a lot (i think of anesthesia.. :) Oh, Tita daisy and kids also came by and Ian's friends from the hospital.

sabbath day, Majo's family came by, as well as Tita Eta and Tita and Adet. My room was full of visitors that time when my friends from college also dropped by to visit. I'm still weak to laugh at their jokes but I'm happy to see them after almost 2 years. Ian and Jake still stayed with me up to these times. My appetite for food increased and more energized than before. I can still experience DOB at times, but it's tolerable.

We really wanted to go back home, since the doctor told us that she already had the going home order. Our decision of going home this day was disapproved by Majo telling us to stay one more night to be sure that I'm all good. Ian and Jake, once again stayed with me. I can sit by myself and go back to lying down position alone, tho' sometimes I coudn't. It depends.

All bills were settled as well as the professional fees. Majo came early in the morning before the cutoff. Ian also went with us back in Cavite. We rode a Taxi back home. Thank God that we reached home safe and we can finally rest.

My recovery after this operation became so easy because of Ian, honestly.He stayed with me and never complained. I thank God for him, his endless love and care. I can never find someone like Ian, I'm lucky to have him in my life. My parents too, got worried so much that my Mama wanted to go to the Phils for my operation but I insisted that I can do this with Ian and the rest. I also wanted to thank my parents for the support and never ending prayers, they are also my inspiration. My parents love me so much that they were not able to enjoy the ferie summer vacation because of my situation. As days went by, I regained strength. I started to do things and chores more freely without pains tho' I felt some tolerable discomforts. At times I can go out to malls and do a little strolls to unwind. We were able to go as far as MOA and Megamall before we left Philippines to buy the things we need to bring along with when we go back to Italy.

God has been so good to me, and He has guided me along these times giving me people that would love and care for me. During the course of this trial, I realized things that I was never reminded of before, the value of LIVING AND LOVING. God gives and He also takes. But in tough times, He never goes away but instead He does a lot of miracles and gives us gifts through the people around us. People who would care and love us despite our weaknesses without any untoward judgements. These are our Angels on earth. I'm glad I met my angels. :)

Praise be to God.

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