Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's a long weekend! 4 days off aka Relaxation Muchos! This morning while checking my daily mails etc, I found this:

and a weird text message from the Questura informing me to appear & get my PS on a specified date. Anyways, happy that the process went so smooth. Thanks Lord!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Bday Post as of yet?

Nooo! Why do I feel so busy whenever I feel like blogging about my birthday! What the hey! :( P.R.O.C.R.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.I.O.N all the way, eh!

I'm so happy. My bed is so Autumn-ish! Warm blankets. Softy pillows and bright covers. Purrrfect!



Thursday, October 06, 2011

Give Meh Some Scratch, Bebi!

GREAT!- this morning just brought me a great surprise, one inch scar located on my left cheek. A tingling sensation struck me during the middle of the night & I didn't realized that my face was literally scratched! I wasn't so sure if it's me, but I believed it was really me, lol. So, I was hoping it would heal soon. Now, I'm a living testimony that our upper skin has a lot of pain receptors. Dang, it really hurts!


Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The MINI Photobox Milan

After work, I went out with Papa to meet Mama in Duomo. One spot caught my attention, the AUTO-RITRATTO Booth along the side of Via Torino. Since it's a free photobooth, I grabbed the offer to have a free photo from the endorsers of the New Mini Cooper. Along with the printed copy of my picture (see below, dang!), is a code to have my image seen in the Mini Cooper Billboard. I look so wasted in that photo. Haha!

Just a remembrance from today.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Routine Routine!

And after a year, my converse has gone totally ragged. At last! I've been waiting for this day since day one! 


To some, I look like an outgoing happy non-stop person but in reality, I'm not that much. As a matter of fact I always run through a routine that has been in my system for years. This post maybe a bit boring to some but you just need to bear with me having this urge to post it. (Chicken!)
Ok, Lemme start:
1. I always have my breakfast before I start cleaning myself. I find it more solemn to eat with that bed scent (does that make sense, boh!). I try to enjoy eating my breakfast, usually with caffe-latte, 6 pieces of biscuit, a fruit and a glass of water. I take right about 10-15 minutes to finish up. But in case that I'm in a hurry, I can eat in 5 minutes. (Darna!)

2. Shower & Bath. Ok honestly this option varies from season to season. Winter/Autumn seasons has to be a bit more easy. Ok hypocrites may say that they take a bath everyday even in winter... Oh hey, I tell you, they really don't! Bathing means cleaning yourself from the head to toe (HAIR included). You may do body shower but not letting your hair wet on these snowy seasons. Duh!

3. GYM-ing. I do this as often as possible. I prefer cardio exercises & aqua aerobics that doing repetitive machine stuff. This makes my stressES go away in a snap!

4. Reading books. I may look like I don't read books but I really do. I have finished a couple of books, from novels and some inspirationals. They somehow take me into a different world, Guess that I have a huge huge imaginary techniques & talent. I imagine a L.O.T.

5. Surfing the net is a must. I do connect myself to my friends miles miles away. I love to lerk. I guess that lerking & stalking a different thing. 

6. LUUUXing. I'm a part of a LUUUX.COM Team and I'm proud of it. I love this site so much that I make it a point to do my job on a daily basis. 

7. Sleeping after work! Oh how I love resting! Before, I deprived myself from this, when I was still committed  with someone (hmmm :D) not that I do not have "someone" to spend most of my time texting/chatting, I devoted that free time to sleep. I'm somehow fighting this habit since it's reaaaaaally alarming, I don't wanna get FAT!

8. Window shopping. You just read it right. I love strolling alone, looking at some of the latest & the coolest stuff when I feel like doing so. Our house is very much near to a commercial zone, fortunately. When its pay day I usually let myself buy something valuable (clothes? makeup? nah!). To me, shopping, bith window & the  real thing, makes me satisfied in any way especially when I'm stressed.

9. I do bible reading & organizing church activities. Everyday, I make sure that I do stuff for the church. I'm a seventh day adventist christian & a part of me is having myself involve in Jesus' ministry. It makes me more alive & content. 

10. That's all.

I'm continually finding ways on how to make my life more enjoyable, and more meaningful. I really don't want to dedicate all my life to work. I want to look beyond what life is and His purpose in my life. And I continually pray for that, that He will guide me everyday and do a good turn on each and every step I make.

Godbless you all!