Saturday, January 27, 2007

another day! hay! last nyt i'm so busy burning cds! well, what's the point? nothing.. it's just a release of stress and watsoever emotions. teh fact that i'm rushing to grad requirements, i still have this bashing time for my own personal interests. music and photography! but of cors i promise to fill my requirements on time.. but now isn't the ryt time.. maybe next week will do. lmao!! this 3pm i'll be having my duty "agen".. and who the hell in this world is as unfortunate as we are, my gudness, our CI this week is as toxic as ever.. i think this week will be a hell week for us.. pugay kinamay tlga!! pagnganamansinuswetee!!! well, pls pray for our block.. amen ..
this february, we'll be having our intramurals.. and damn i'm so effin' excited.. graooahhh!! my friends and i are goin' to prepare a cheering "kuno".. that i think this will be our last.. so give enaf patience folkz.. yupyup! <3 practice will start this wednesday i think... wehahaha!! i'm so excited.. stress release.. hehe..

Friday, January 19, 2007

maderpaker! all the while i thought every things gonna be alryt, but i was damn wrong.. i started to feel that he's goin' so far that i could even feel that he cares for me... i believe that i've done a lot of mistakes, but do you think it deserves me ryt? when i look back on tyms wen were 2geter, i'm squeezing out every detail that maybe i've done a wrong turn "agen".. but i couldn't think of any! dats why i have a lot of questionings... and it hurts a lot.. realizing that i didn't even take a shit out of somewhere or some one.. my friends told me that maybe he realized that i wasn't the one for him.. and it's time to move on. well, easy to say, hard to do.. i'm not that type that letting go is just like throwing a candy wrapper in a trash can.. it's not easy.. and now im drowning from insecurities causing me to fall back...
i'm starting to get used to it.. im getting tired.. :(

Monday, January 01, 2007

few hours from now, i'll be heading back to pasay... damn! the whole xmas and new year vacation is so "bitin". it sucks! scholling agen and agen and agen... wel, im a graduating stud, so expect me to be uber busy w/ fuckin' requirements, finals and everything.. and that will make my 2007 so TOXIC. I started fixin' my things from undergarments to unifroms... including my "kikay" stuffs and everything..and now i'm having my last internet hopping.. weee.. i did some photo manips and blogging... wahahahaha... i'll miss the times that i spend almost 8 hours in front of the computer doin' nothing.. just "kalandian"... and above all i'll miss my cheap photoshoots... wel, stil im enjoying that stupid thing. after i graduate and have some job, my first salary will be reserved for buying a "high-tech" cam... as a matter of fact, my dream camera is worth 65thousand pesos only *choked*.. and how i wish i can buy that.. hehe.. Godbless me.. it's my passion.. lallalalala.. i miss my blockmates and all my churvah tropapipz.. *sighs* happy moments w/ them.. <3