Saturday, March 17, 2007

yeah, i moved into a new house and i'm glad i'm no longer stucked in that old dormitory building. for my first week, it's kind of an adjustment but i am content. hehe! i enjoy the company of my magugulong housemates. it's like we're watching tv ol d tym and cracking the house by singing videoke. fun fun fun, making sure that i'm occupied at all tyms. yeah, getting busy enough to forget the aches of life. and i'm glad i'm really doing great! i hope for better improvement this week.. and that's my prayer! week pasted so slowly, i don't know why, but it really does for me. it's like the clock ticks 3seconds per second! awww... sobrang nakakapago0d din and week, we have to prepare costumes for Pilipinana, retro, casual and formal seminars.. and that sucks! but i enjoy a 'lil.
today, im planning to go back to pasay.. and we'll be having the last ever comprehensive examination! damn! need to study... so far, i haven't studied even a topic. goodluck to me!! ciao!