Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Dog Had Her Bath Today!

Im in my bed,and currently suffering from LSS of the song [Somebody that I used to Know]. I guess this song perfectly matches my lamentations these past days. I guess I'm over reacting but that doesn't matter now.
So, today, I evolved into a monster cleaner and did a lot of house chores this morning. I'm a freak when it comes to order and tidiness,so bear with me. Aside from cleaning the entire house, I also took the chance of giving my dog a bath. Its past 10days when she had her last,so this is just a perfect timing. Off the days go,and I can't wait for tomorrow to get done. May God bless my plans. Fingers crossed.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Safari Party Yesterday

The bad rainy weather didn't stop us from celebrating and I, myself had a great time. First time to host a kiddie party, and it was an awesome experience. Good to see my friends again, happy that we are almost complete again.
Its officially spring, and I saw some trees grow their buds back. I'm excited for the sun, the sand, travels and new experiences. Why do I feel so excited? I do not believe in signs, premonitions and stuff , but I guess I need to believe even for just now. Much love it is.
PS: I feel like I have chosen my Winter OST. Here! This song is super nice. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

IMY Moments

Why why why is this happening? Why do I terribly miss someone badly? Why do I have to go over this almost everyday? Why do I always try to wait for you to talk to me first? Why can't I ignore you even when I have so much to do? Why do I expect so much from you wishing that you would talk to me at the end of my every night? How can you make it easier to accept that we are just friends?
I miss the old us. I just miss you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inside my Bubble: Past is Past

Spring, come to me 
Past is past. That is what we all say when someone asks us something about a person who used to have a special part in our hearts in the past .. or is it really just in the past?? I have a lot of issues from the past. Some are great, those I don't really regret. Some are bad, things that you regret or maybe things that you wish it never happened.
I had a recent talk with a long lost friend. She's a nice friend and I owe her a lot of my good memories back in college. She asked me about my life and then suddenly she asked me about my past. Nothing really serious but I find it so irrelevant to open such topics as this. This is just one of the reasons why I never talk to anyone from that place anymore, all they wanted is to dig out something that has been buried long long ago. I'm all fine, but I felt uneasy but to no offense, I answered the question with all formality. Some issues were opened even the ones I'm not interested at. Even harsh things that I shouldn't have to know. This incident didn't just happen once, but a lot of times.
But honestly, one thing I learned about all this past issues is to look forward into something better in my life. I believe that something better is coming on my way and I can feel it. I don't hold any regrets, hurt or anger to that person in my past but I'm currently working on to something wonderful. I cannot explain the feeling but I do cherish every moment I have with that someone I value now. He may not seem to know it by now, but yes, he's so special to me. I'm enjoying his presence in mine. I just hope time and love can redo things again** for us. Maybe not now, but soon.
**again, typed it right...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Today!

After a long time, finally, I have decided to get active on LUUUX again. I still have the moderator's account though I don't moderate now. I guess it takes a lot of responsibility and time to be able to do the job again. I'm currently facing the real world now (got it from the ex-moderator who resigned before me). Since I have the desire to blog, I just want to make my LUUUX account active after a long time of MIA.  But then again thanks to all who clicked my sharedlinks on this site. That helped me a lot in gaining L$.
This is the after brekky face. BUSOG!

So, while scanning my files, I found this letter somewhere here. (Just read between the lines). 
I have a friend. I knew him for quite a long time now. I met him when we were in college and I used to like him , as common crush. I mean, during my college days, I do have an eye for makulit guys. I don't know why maybe because I'm like that too or maybe I find them not boring. I see a lot of guys who are so soft spoken but I'm really attracted into their funny personality. So, yes, we were just mere so-called friends or maybe a casual friend. My years in college passed by without me getting to know him deeper. Maybe I just knew him through his closed friends who are somehow close to me. We do not really go out together as a group. Aside from that, he had a giflfriend.
After college, I used to train in a nearby institution and I seldom see him. Maybe just a simple hi-hello when we csee each other cross the street. I had a serious relationship with someone before and so I didn't get involve into knowing other people (guys). We used to talk over fb chats, just friendly talks, nothing more, nothing less. I like him, his personality as a whole. We laugh a lot about some jokes and of course some serious matters, senseful topics I should say. I liked him
After that, he told me that he likes me. But things went so complicated that Imor found it hard to communicate with him anymore. And in just a blink of an eye, we are out. I blocked him from my friend's list and started my life over again like I'm living in a whole different world. Without anyone from my past, I tried to move ahead fast.
Until, one ordinary day, I started to mend myself and got back into tract. I feel like I need to face this life with full maturity. It isn't easy but I choose to be happy and give myself a break from chasing people. I used to chase people back into my life but this time, I'm going to give chances a chance. He is still there waiting. He doesn't stop talking to me, like, everyday and I can feel it. I like the feeling of being loved. Should I give this a chance? 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mama's Bday + Addicting Workout?!

March 12. and it's my Mom's birthday today (not mentioning her age though). My father just did some cooking and I myself baked a very simple banana cake this morning for tonight's dinner. Great!
Pansit, friend chicken and banana cake for tonight's meal. Happy birthday !

For a week now I've been motivated to slim down. I loose a lot of weight when I got an influenza 2 months ago and my body trimmed down, and I honestly like it a lot. Summer is coming fast, so I'm getting myself into Zumba! I saw a 60euro Zumba set in one of the sports center here and I find it so costly. Good thing I have a genius brother and got me HD downloaded copies of the Zumba DVDs online. Yehey! So, I started it this morning. Loving it so far and really addicting! Plus! I'm learning on how to be diet conscious. I seem to check everything I eat, calorie content etc. I guess I'm getting an OCD. No way!
I'm updating it into 60minutes a day. :D

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cardio Exercises and that Zumba Thing

What a gloomy day today. Its been raining non-stop since yesterday and it makes me crazy. To make a difference,I did a good turn today (i guess,hehe). As I woke up early today,I warmed myself up with a mild cardio step and burned 100cal. Satisfied,so I tried the Zumba fitness too! I've been checking a lot of sites lately for any good deals to get myself into this course. I really find it interesting. Or yoga maybe. But Im afraid I'll get bored. So,been eyeing on the Zumba.
Let's get fit! Remember,sunny days are coming! Work on it. ©