Sunday, September 30, 2007

Right now, I'm contemplating on my life. I know, this is not normal for me. I usually go out on my own, with my friends and hell, i don't even care on what other people say about me. It's their opinion, and i believe that it is none of my business. During the course of my life, i realized that happiness and contentment goes along. Just like what other people say, "Just enjoy what you are doing, and all the rest follows". But what if your happy with what you are doing but the truth is your on the wrong track?! Would you still hold on to what makes you smile? Would you numb yourself from the fact that your dumb stupid? Stupid just for the sake of being happy?! It is like staying out in the rain, it feels so good, but defenitely it will make you sick. Right now, I'm thinking of having a decision. It kills me.