Sunday, May 27, 2007

i'm feelin' bad lately, i don't know why.. [weird eh?] it's like a depressive syndrome or whatever... maybe it is just a result of a typical hormonal balance happening in women... i'm busy digging my forums & thank God, i'm starting to get over something... ngayon pa lang, nakikinita ko na na after the board exam, i will be very busy surfing the net... well, nothing much to say.. i'm just updating this damn blog.. thanks for reading this anyway.. ciao!!
camwhoring is ON:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

i believe that in loving someone, it just end up in 2 ways, the happy and the sad endings. hard to say, some love relationship just end up nothing. after a long time of laughters and fun, ups and downs, relationships fall and the bad thing about it is that, is hard to rebuild it again.
it's hard to severed the heart who cares for you a lot for the heart might soon get tired and can't endure it no more! yes, it's true that a true heart can withstand any obstacles and can go on even if it hurts. but when the heart gets tired and realizes that the one it cares for doesn't even care about it all... it might lose its feelings and change it's resolve!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

weee, out of the great boredom, i've made a simple wallpaper. haha, it was my 2nd time to make like this. [to check it out, try to visit my dA]...

lemme see, it's election day tomorrow, and since i'm not a registered voter [i'm such a kiskass ohh my!], i can't practice my right to vote. but, let's just assume okey? i'm planning to vote for [only] 3 senators whom i really admire:
first, Loren Legarda, an opposition, such a great and smart woman. she knows to fight for what she think is right. and in the first place, gogogogo girl power!
second, Joker Arroyo, the poeple's dragon, that's what they call him. i'am really amazed by the laws he had proclamed and everything. really a great and awesome leader.
and lastly third, Trillanes, he was imprisoned because of rebellion, but still i believe that he has something and a potential to become a good leader.
i won't vote for anything else. hehe, but sorry for these guys, they will miss a vote from me. wahaha!!! let's just hope that tomorrow's election will be peaceful.. Godbless our country. hey! i'm proud to be pinay!! yahooooo.. :]

Saturday, May 12, 2007

gracious! it's mother's day tomoro.. and whew, can't great my mom personally. how sad.
the day after tonight, is gonna be big! wahaha, i mean big, in a sense that i really have to make a big move!! need to rush on studying for the local boards. it's such a stress, but G i'm so excited! i miss my studying habits when i was still in my lower college years, were in waking up 3am and browsing, memorizing notes is such a habit.
well, now, i'm missing someone. and gosh, i miss him a lot. i just don't know why and how but i do. special feelings are still there and it can't be taken away so easily. and i hope he misses me too, just as i do. [huhuhu..]

til' next time dudes.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

well, i thank God! i'm almost finish with my requirements and in a short while i'll be goin' to apply.. geezzz, this is it! here the board exam goes... and so we have to make it... so God bless us! <3

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

let me see.. hmmmkay, yeah and my whole groovy family got that cool swimming escape. we really had fun, eventhough we just stayed there for about 3hours. [haha].. it was like i was relieved of everything, the stress and all that, burdens and stuffs.. the board exams is a great stressor, and if u can't carry the feeling, it will screw you to death. i mean, i wasn't ready yet to take the board exam. it was like i'm very busy all this time rushing through my requirements. sick! and so my mom told me that i should decide whether i would take it or not. all the decision is up to me... [hehe] and now i'm thinking if i would continue with it... im glad i have supportive family, very understanding. thank God! and i dunno yet what to do.. so i'm asking God to enlighten me. that's all.. till' next time!! ciao ciao! <3>ured moments.VILLA FELICIDAD, is great!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

it's me again. i woke up at 6:15 in the morning. geezzz and i feel relieved. i was like dying the whole day yesterday. my migraine is killing me, and i hate it. my mom told me to wear my eyeglasses,because she thinks that my headache is because of my eyes, but hey, it sucks. i feel like i'm uber ugly and weird.. and so i decided not to use it. [hehe].. yesterday, we went to novaliches and the fuckin' heat of manila killed us. it was like we are travellin' through the desert island. nakakamatay!! i wasn't able to attend the revu for about 3days. but i promise to "make bawi" of everything. i'm going to finish half of volume 1.. hehe.. i'm at the 1/4 of the book... go jem!
tomoro i'll be heading back to manila... please pray for me! see yah! <3