Monday, February 23, 2009

Hoping for the Best

I've been watching news in the Philippines lately. I realized that everything is just the same. Old news are just the same news I've heard before I left Philippines last January. Old price hikes, crimes, political issues and drastic economy.. nothing has been changed just the dates and the conflicting degrees. I felt so sad somehow, knowing that no progress still even for just a little. There is nothing to compare between news scaling here in Italy and in the Philippines, knowing that life here is extremely different and organized. How I wish that beyond this down failing economy and lonesome news, people can still manage to have a good livelihood to support themselves especially their family. The problem in our country is that there is so much to do but people with authorities and with power take advantage of what they can get from it. They focus more on their own benefits than what they can do to uplift the country somehow. There is a lot of opportunities for us to grow as Filipinos and as a country only if we unite and think of what we can do as Filipinos. It is nice to be a Filipino and I'm indeed proud to be one. Let us all pray for our country's status and for our countymen's success.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Web Geek Isn't Bad At All

Ciao. Morning today is really, extremely gloomy. For the past 2 days, the sun was really striking. All the while I thought it's gonna be permanent until now. Wasn't able to perform my taebo rituals since I slept super late last night. And as expected, woke up late as well.

I realized lately that I have lots of online accounts. Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, Blogger, Deviantart etc. And while I am trying to check my accounts I realized that as early as 2005 I have started to conquer the World Wide Web. That time I was 18 years old. My interest in these kind of obsession came about when we have our free Internet Nav in our Mini Campus (Mamc-Sma, to give such credits, hmm). Since I was stucked being a dormitorian for the rest of my college days, I spend most of my naive time in that Lab. And so on and so forth.

Now, I have realized that I need to take good care of these accounts. Why? Because it is a good thing that when your getting older, you need to have something that you can look into refreshing more of your youthful days. I am not (definitely) saying that I am not that old. Literally I am currently 22 years old. It just so happen that I really smiled when I checked my blog posts, freidnster comments, art works way back. And now I realized that being Web Geek isn't that bad. Hehe.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Taebo On The Go!

Woke up really early today. 7am, o yes. Started my date with a twist. My Mom and I started our Palestra Sessions aka Taebo. We got our help from some videos downloaded by kind people in Oh, yeah, I give credits to them. For the first time in my entire stay here in Italy, this is the first time I sweat. Really. And it feels really good because of the cold weather down here. Im praying that I'll continue what we have started.

Yesterday, My Ian and I had a chat sssion. I really missed him a lot. I can see that he missed me too. How I wish I could see him again.. very soon. Later today, we'll talk again. 101% communication is what we really need for us to grow despite the distance, and I'm enjoying it though it is really depressing.

Later, I'll have my classes again. I studied my lessons past yesterday. And I hope I've got to learn more today. Hopefully, within 2 hours. Say goodluck to me, Adios!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We Are Strong, I know

It's Wednesday today. I woke up super late, 11:30am. After eating my breakfats, I started my plan to read articles in a giornale for at least 2 hours a day to gain more information. I find it very useful, for the first hour or my reading, i learned a lot of words and of course events happening around me.

For lunch, I only ate a bowl of ensalata with fresh apples and 2 chicken wings. I still manage to balance my diet. I really don't wanna get fat. Heheh.

This afternnoon, I'll be heading for school at 5:30pm up to 10:30pm. I'm pretty excited this time since I got more acquaintances compared to last week. I had 3 close friends, all girls from Brazil. I find them really nice as compared to as making friends to my fellow Pilipino. Of course, my Pilipino classmates are also nice but I just don't feel like getting close to them.

Today is February 4, almost a month away from the Philippines... and almost a month too, away from my special someone. I think of him a lot, more than he can imagine. How wish he can manage to wait for me until I finish fixing the documents for my legalization of stay here. But I have his 100% trust that we can still hold on. I love him a lot! And he is so missable.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No Deal to Absences After Yesterday

The days are really boring here. It has been 2 days since it rained snow but up to this moment, traces of it remains on the street making it hard for me to go and attend my classes. Haha, is that good enough to defend my katamaran. Kidding aside, it is February and snow raining doesn't really match. Anyhow, I'm planning to attend my evening class later. Hmm.

I'm currently working on my legalization of stay here. I know it isn't easy for I need to submit such documents making my Mom's pocket even tighter. Life here is not easy as everybody thought it to be. Food is our priority. But I make it a point that if I found items of reasonable prices, I've got to buy them. Hehe. I'm planning to go back to Phils once my multiple entry visa is approved by April. And I can't wait to get back home. I miss the important people there especially my Ian. Yey!

I'm currently cutting off my diet. Yesterday, I wasn't able to eat rice. My weight goes down from 50kg to 48.5kg, and I think I'm pretty happy with that. I'm getting used to eating salads and salami which I think is a lot healthier as compared to as eating junks. One problem I have is my never ending chocolate craving. Everytime I go to the nearby supermarket, I'm attracted to low priced chocolates that I cannot resist but to buy them. And I think, I need to restrained myself to prevent further trouble.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Keep Posted!!

got a new blog post at last!! it hasn't been a busy week for me. i have started my italian classes last week an d so far, i can surely say that it is good. i'm planning to have my blog posted in italian language someday soon. and i'm hoping that for me to accomplish that, is to have a more deticated spirit when it comes to studying. hehe.

today,febraury 2,2009, we are celebrating our 14th month anniversary. this is very significant for me because for the first time we are celebrating this event separately. but i know that the feeling is still constant and nothing has been changed except for the fact that we are far from each other. of course, though we are in this situation, we make it a point that we keep our lines open and active. the conversations that we have over the phone, voice chats and even text messages show that love still surfaces against all odds.