Monday, November 30, 2009

Im Working

Im just trying a new app I downloaded tru my ipod touch. Hope it works well. Pretty boring app but lets go gice it a try. Ciao? Buon lavoro a me ;D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Pink Scarf

I've been eyeing for a pink scarf in one of the botiques (pimpkie) in via torino. It costs 15 euros. Good thing I was able to stop by in Tezenis Portello this evening and found the a pink scarf which is almost the same as the one I saw in Pimpkie. Meno male, for only 5.90 I was able to buy it. Haha. Ting ting One point!

The day was really fine. Sun is shining really brightly but the wind chills are still there. I started to feel the feeling I felt when I first came here, the coldness. I'm not so happy, honestly. IDKW. :|

Things to do tom. 1. Laundry 2. Clean the house 3. Go to church 4. Chat with Ian (Miss him always) 5. Rest. After tomorrow, work again. It isn't cool. The only thing that I'm looking forward this Monday is my pay. So tell me to smile now. Hehe.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Stressful Friday

I had a long tiring work today. Good thing it's a friday. :D Counting days to celebrate our anniversary. I'm up to something good, I haven't finalized yet what to do. Maybe this weekend I'll find a way to think and hopefully to come up with a bright idea. It's my turn now. Baybayuuu.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have decided to say nothing. :D It feels a lot better this way.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Etchoserang Dinedepensahan ang Sarili

The rant part. (If somebody will react again, I'm gonna jump for joy)
I admit it. Some people hate me. And I love them from hating me. There is a saying that goes.. "You are nobody if you're not talked about". Therefore, I'm not one of those. Hehe. So.. still they hate me from not being a nobody.. (which is kinda weird). And so I have concluded that those people who are in the Nobody clan hates me. Now I have realized how hard it is to be nobody. All talk but haven't proved anything yet. Haha. Trying hard ampota.
^^ I hope it's clear.

Moving on, I've got my salary for the half of the month. I'm planning buy something for myself this xmas. Every payday I make it a point to buy something worth having. Life abroad is ectremely different from the Philippines where you need to budget everything and don't let money pass through your hands without even saving a little for emergency puposes. So, I buy wisely. I only buy the necessary. Since life on earth isn't certain, I'm planning to save up for my Sss fund. I know this is an old move but yeah, I think it is important. Kung may sinuksok may may madudukot. Hehe.. So.. I need to help myself.

Ian. Ti amo da morire..

May kamuka daw ako dito. Sino? Tae.. Pangaers.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Over time, Over and Over Again (Ufffaa)

So tired from work. The OTs are just call of duty, not my personal desire (to earn extra money.. nooo!). I earn enough to support my pleasures and to help the people I need to help so yes, I don't need OTs. But since they are requesting me to do it, I have no choice. But please, if they know a thing such as "mercy", they would spare me even for a while. Hayyy.. :(

Buona notte tutti. Ci sentiamo. :| Devo riposare un'po. Prendo energia per domani. Hihi!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Luck as Destiny

Most of the people who believe in luck believe that some seemingly extra-ordinary events – good or bad – happen in their lives which are beyond their control, and such events are happening because it is written, i.e. it is their destiny.

If you strongly believe that everything in your life happens as written and you can not control or avoid it then somewhere down inside your activeness is lessened, because you believe that if you are destined to have something then you will have it anyway, and if it is not your destiny then you will never have it however hard you try. Moreover, you will stop taking credit for the good things that happen to you and thereby lose out on important confidence-building experiences of life; and at the same time you will stop bearing accountability for the bad things that happen to you and thereby lose out on learning important lessons of diligence with life. By attributing everything to destiny you be loser both ways!

When you believe in destiny you don’t put in your entire efforts because you are always skeptic about whether the thing is in your destiny at all. When you believe in destiny you believe that destiny governs your life. Destiny is active. The stronger your belief that destiny is active, more passive you be.

On the other hand, stop believing in destiny for a change. There is nothing written. No destiny. That means everything is in your control. You yourself can shape your destiny. When you will realize that there is nothing written about your life and you are in complete charge of your life you will have the reason to do everything most actively.

Isn’t active living more full of life than passive living? It is needless to say when you are active the events in your life are more in your control. Of course, it won’t always be in control, but if so happens, then that is what would have happened anyway if you had believed in destiny!

In short, believing in destiny would not change anything except making a loser of you. But by not believing in it you can take full control of your life and be active. Stop being a loser. Feel completely alive!