Thursday, November 29, 2012

Project101 (My Newest Blog)

I've been planning to make another blog that talks about all my DIY projects and stuffs. I don't want to mix my DIY and Refashion updates here so I can discuss topics better and to be more organized. I'll be up and active on Pinterest to promote it since I do not moderate LUUUX anymore due to lack of time and the meetings makes me sick (US timezones?? really!). But my account is still up ang working, bad that I can't update it anymore (my bad!). So, moving on, I'm still getting myself acquainted on how to make crafts site by clicking tons and tons of sites that can give me tips. I'm planning to make mine more me, so I won't copy. (lol).  Happy that it is possible to make another blog as an extention of this blogger account, so I can manage and navigate these two with ease. So for now, got my name: PROJECT101. I was thinking of making it ProjectDepartment101 however I came across a website that is BeautyDepartment and so I changed my mind. Excited. I'm working on the header... But this is not official yet. I'm planning to run it on December 1st, hopefully. Any suggestions? PM me. Ciao!
I like the tagline, "Do it like a boss" thing. Haha! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Rain (Again) + New DIY + TeaTime and Crepes

Whole week of rain, yes, and that is not ok. Looking for a better weather ahead (though its impossible, hello autumn!).
So what's up today? Scroll down.. Hehe
~One time I went to H&M, I fancied on some ear warmer bands and so this morning I tried to make one for myself. Easy! And I'll wear it for sure!
~Maybe the thing I do best during the rainy season is to make myself cozy by sipping warm tea and doing worthwhile sweets. Crepes! Im not a good cook but since I have a sweet tooth, lemme go try it! Not bad, honestly!
Thats all! Oh and by the way, can't wait for next year... Don't know why but I feel that something great is about to hit me. Been so freaking insane this year. Tsk... Positivity ahmmmm...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rain + Manicure + Plans Plans & Plans

Such a gloomy day today. Nothing really special happened, got up early to do my stuff, went to buy some stuff, ran errands and work. Since Im not a rainy season type of person, Im literally lowbat today (since yesterday). I dont know if that gloominess has to do with my sweet cravings (maybe it does!). Funny that I bought a santa clause shaped chocolate, and because of my cravings, I wasnt able to take a pic of it. Its a funny shaped chocolate, believe me. Lol.
To end up my day, got a good warm shower, relaxed and had my me time. Painted my nails with pink + glitter topper. I guess perfect for holidays! Weee! Santa's comin'...
Ps. I dont want to stay here anymore. I need to move out of the country. Promise.... Oghhhs!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Happy that after 5days reading the entire chapter of John mornings and evenings, finally finished it just now. Such a great chapter and I am blessed. It tackles most on Jesus' life and His teachings. I am amazed how great and kind He is. While reading it, it gave me answers to my current questions. Holy spirit does it's work on me really and the peace it liberally gives to anyone who seeks to find it. I thank God and His marvelous works in my life. Just one more wish I'm waiting for Him to answer. Just one.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Colds + Ruffles Madness

Firstly, flu virus(es) are all around the place and unfortunately it got me. Days before, I massacred packs of chocolate packs, got a super sorethroat, immune system lowered, and the flu virus came in the scene. Still suffering from colds and cough and I'm on meds so hopefully it'll go away asap.
Apart from being ill, I started my ruffles series of projects. Dont know why I am so obssesed with ruffle stuffs from pillows to dresses to almost everything. This that Im currently working on is patterned from a short dress and hopefully tomorrow it'll be up and done (if I can find a garter thing to finish up the waist). So, i wish myself luck for the end product.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm not an anti-social type however I just realize how important is it to be surrounded by people who are positive, light hearted and carefree. I miss home. I miss my college friends. 😢

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Refashion Project done!

Totally happy with the end results. I made a few flaws, stitch flaps and unevens however those count to experience. Pretty! Next proj? Im still thinking about it. Got few huge sweaters to adjust...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Project2: Peplum Skirt

Such a challenging project! The very reason why I chose this is because I can't seem to find one that's affordable and fitse well. Im sooo excited to get this done! 😄

Sunday, November 11, 2012

1st Official Practice for Youth Congress 2012-13

So excited for December that at last we can come and participate again for YC in Naples. We will be performing a cultural dance in which we chose Tinikling and a religious play (mime) plus 3 songs. Only 6 weekends left!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

My First Official Project Done!

Ok, I feel so inspired reading some fashion recon websites! I got interested on the idea of refashioning old clothes or clothes from thift shop for hundreds of reasons... Such a worthwhile hobby, on my opinion...
So, today after taking a good rest from work I started to do my diy business,lol! I guess the first attempt is quite fine... Decent finished product... I want to learn moooooore, like loads of ideas and inspiration! Happy!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2 Parcels Arrived Today!

Firstly, Around 11am today my toyota sewing machine arrived! So happy bout the shipping of Amazon. I ordered this yesterday at 2 and Im really amazed that it came in less than 24hours. Btw, the machine is really nice, easy to use and very girly. I love its color plum accent making it so me! Was able to do my first 2 projects with it. Fixing my Dad's pants and my DIY infinity scarf... Solved! Secondly, my Avon package arrived. Got to meet my clients super soon! Its midweek today, so blessed after the worship.
For tomorrow, out with Naica to buy something. Ciaooows!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Hunting Still! Uff!

Monday madness. Got home early. Went on sewing machine canvass and up to now cant decide what to buy (or not to buy postponing it for next month). Im so desperate! Why I lack so much patience. Bad!

Friday, November 02, 2012

What I did yesterday (AllSaintsDay)

Ok, nothing really special since I do not celebrate Holloween (it's a pagan practice) and this that they call allsaints days (i just dont). But happy that I got 1 day off from work, that really matters. The day, was really sunny but freeking cold but I can say that one of the nicest weather in autumn seasons. And here I am to just narrative some stuff I did yeaterday.
1. Me, with Papa and Mama went out and stroll at the nearest mercatino. Mercatino is more of like a tiangge or a little market to traslate it literally. Im a mercatino girl an Ive been slacking every mercatino I know! I wasnt able to buy any clothes but at least I got a chance to munch on 2euro frenchfroes' Hehe
2. Youtubing! Right after eating the roasted chicken we bought from the market I lie down on my bed to rest (i know that's a foolish idea babying the fats). Turned my laptop on and watched some prophesies on Yt. I loce watching endtime event vids on YT . I I just believe that we are in the end time events and at the birge of the apocalyps.
3. 1 hour nap, I guess nothing to elaborate more on this. I love afternoon naps.
4. Went out with Ma and Pa at the nearest commercial center to go windowshopping. I havent got my salary for last month so Im literally tight. And saw this super cute yellow blazer at TallyWeijl and I told myself that I should buy it, and I did. Lol. It was on sale so no refrets at all. Did some groceries, ate mini brioches and went home.
5. Did my masterpiece! Tuna insalata! I do miss this!! I bought some rucola (my most fave) and had a great insalata dinner... Superfull!
And thats it. Nothin really special! Hehe bad that I wish I did some paperworka meetin the deadlines! Imma do that today instead!