Friday, November 17, 2006

sows!! 1 week nalang at matatapos na ang "community immersion" nmen!! *claps* well, sobrang nagenjoy ako, pwera na nga lang sa "init"!! hahah!! i enjoyed the company of my new classmates.
here are the captured moments!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Thank God it's SATURDAY!! I woke up 8am, have my morning routine and eat breakfast! later,after a couple of hours i'll fix my things for tomorrow's CoIm.. [wow,excited ako..charing], actually d pa ako busog, i just ate a plate of spaghetti and a glass of hot chocolate. I downloaded mp3 songs para may mpakinggan nmn ako habang nsa CoIm.. [wahahaha]..
i thought of giving him a testimonial. sana nmn i-approve nya! last time kasi he failed to accept my testimonial, [i don't know for what reason] <3> d na kasi sya ganun masyado nakakatxt, and i missed his txt msgs. i don't know what's wrong with him. pero i'm not getting tired of giving him txtmsgs! sana nga lang malaman nya un! and sana mapatawad nya ako. i hope he's happy right now! un lang ang imporatnt for me, and malaman ko na happy sya. wala nang iba.. i found a nice song! and i can relate to this song tlga! tsuper!!! "until i get over you" by Christina Millian
and here's the best part.. it's so ouchy! but geez, i really like the song! i typical feeling of a broken hearted.. <3>

Walked through the park, in the evening air
I heard a voice and I thought you were there
I run away but I just can't escape
Memories of you everywhere
They say that time will dry the tears
But true love burns for a thousand years
Give my tomorrows for one yesterday
Just to know that I could have you here"

well, love the song! WAHAHAHA! [HUHUHHUH]


Miss Camitan was caught by the camera sleeping while having Noc Duty in the Emergency Room!

shiet! i can relate to this quote!! ate rhona, send me this message!! huwallah!!

"Just because my eyes don't shed tears,
it doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry.
just because i come out strong,
it doesn't mean there's nothing wrong.
Often i choose to pretend I'm happy so i don't have
to explain to people who would never understand.
Smiling has always been easier
than explaining why I'm sad."

WATTAH week!! i finish my enrollment! yey! and this sunday our new section will be heading to a "community immersion" in naic, cavite! we will be staying there for 2 weeks.. [fantastic!].. geezz, i really have to enjoy this! sa tingin ko ito lng ang pwedeng mging daan para makalimot ako sa mga "heartaches" ko! damn! i need to grow! i need to get out of those nasty, stupid things i used to do! graveh! i need to enjoy life! eniweiz, i have a couple of friends in my section and as a matter of fact i enjoyed their company when we had this "courtesy call" in that place. hope this next 2 weeks will be fun!
i'm planning to have a haircut! after this CoIm thing. well, i'll cut my hair [a lil' shorter].. think i need to get a new look. [wat yah tink?].. well i'm just thingking about it... <3>

Saturday, November 04, 2006

i'm uber lonely today *sighs*. i woke up very early than my usual waking hours! someone's on my mind... honestly i can't get him out of my mind. idon't wanna hurt him anymore. i still care for him! but he don't even recognize that. i know i did a lot of mistakes, and i'm sorry for those stupid mistakes! :0
i still hope na sana maging good friends prin kmi, despite of the things i've done to him. it wasn't my intention na sakatan cya, sa totoo lng ayoko syang masaktan!! i really wanted the best for him, i want him to be happy kahit na with someelse. matatanggap ko yon! promise! no hurt feelings. pero gusto ko maayos ang lagay namen as "friends".. as "good friends".. that's ol.. i want us to be happy even though we separated apart. <3
well, i'm planning to go nowhere! i'll just stay here in our house. idle! hay!! i feel so boring. thanks to my friends who minded to text me, i really do appreciate them. a lot! *hugs to you guys*, i know they are my strengths. i can't live without them! *promise* i'm excited to go back to school and enjoy life! i wanted to live life! and that's my goal for this semester. to live w/o boys! yey! wonderful! *jumps* geez, im planning to change my friendster profile. i think it's uber classical and *sad*.. i wanna change into a funkier one!! wee.. *excited*
so till' next time!!


hearts to MCR

weee.. my chemical romance is the best! i really like this band! im not an EMO!! but i do appreciate their songs!! actually, ngdownload nku ng mga songs nila thru limewire and ang-gaganda!! sarap pakingggan. nkakaadik!! *laughs* tomoro im planning to go to my dormitory! pero ayaw pa ako pauwiin ni papa. dunno why! alis daw sya. well, bahala na tomorrow!! yes yes!! pasukan na! and im so damn excited!!! *claps* *jumps*
so bad! deviant art is under maintenance! hate it! im planning to update my account! recently im getting busy doing some photo arts and editing. is pend most of the time editing my "own" photos. weee, i know sa iba sobrang korni ng mga gngwa ko, but who the hell cares!! wahahahaha! :)
knina, we went to AIIAS, dun kme nag-sabbath with my brothers! we took some pictures of the beautiful garden and all the nice spots but unfortunately our camera run out of battery so maybe i can share the photos next tym! olriytie!!


Friday, November 03, 2006

claps to my blog

geez, semestral break is over. and i want to personally thank our college administrators for giving us at least 5 days of vacation! how wonderfool!! *laughs* well, im happy ksi napaaga ang pasukan! yes, dahil nababagot nku dito sa bahay! sobra! i miss my pals in school! damn, i seriously miss their company and our hang-out!! *hugs and kisses* to them!! weee! i love you guys!! i wanna enjoy my last months of being a student! yey! i'm planning to go partys and gimmiks with my friends! yes, i miss those times! nursing is really a damn course! but still, i love it! *smiles* i'll miss every1, especially my love lifes, [take note, it's plural..the "s"]..

yes, this is my second blog!*claps* i'll try to make a better layout next tym [uhhmm.. if i have time!] wee.. november 1 is ovah! i had so much fun.. and of course here are some of the "nasty and ridiculous fotos" taken!! have fun!!