Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recaps of the Mending Me!

m'Kay. Just plain recaps.

I started going to gym for 2 weeks now (1st of July). I have a small built body and gym isn't really needed. However due to personal (slash) mental (slash) emotional concerns I have decided to give myself a break from my normal routine. Quite relaxing & a great shock absorber! I do aqua gym most of the time & cardio workouts. I love love love the hydromassagio & sauna (&bagno turcho too!).

Yes, I might be left out. The fact that I'm here in Milan for 3 yrs now and not having the chance to see the Como lake is a shame. So, thanks to a friend of ours giving us a free train ride to Como and see the lake (kind of a promotion). The air is hot and humid but I tend to enjoy the day with my family. Trully, it's true that healing begins in the family. Too bad, Papa didn't able to make it (work reasons).
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First time in Venice, where all things are expensive & the surrounding waters are endless! It's one of the most adventurous tour ever (Rome being the second). 1 hour walk going to the center of the Venezia is epic! I've witness how seagulls laugh, they are really funny! Wohoo! Too bad we are "really" short of € not being able to ride the Xpensive gondola! But! But! I promised myself to go back & will never ever miss riding that amazing boat! Wohoo! Something to look forward too, right? (ryt!)
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Summer has just began. Still up for BEACH-ing, more out of towns with family & friends and our Disneyland Paris Tour next month! I'll make this summer worth remembering before the heat of the sun disappears (-ber months ,nah!)

     Sneak photo uploads to be done soon. I'm going to run some errands , "Turin bound this 16.00" whew!
      12-07-11 , 13.14