Monday, October 04, 2010


I have a great interest in black weddings. I know that it isn't common since black has a negative meaning. In my my opinion, black is really elegant in anyway. I really wanted to try it. I have seen black motif weddings too like the one of Tuesday Vargas and it's reflection on videos and camera is really awesome and elegant. On the other hand, my Mom also likes a touch of strong red making the entire event happy. I have seen burgundy red weddings too, and like black, it's soooo "sosyalin". So I'm thinking of having BLACK/BURGUNDY wedding someday.

Let's start this DREAM WEDDING BLOG ENTRY 1, on cakes. Cake is one of the creamtops in a wedding. Well normally, wedding cakes are supposed to be tall big and fancy but I really want my cake to be extra special. Fondant tiered cakes are on right now. If given a full blast budget I want that my cake would be 5-tiered. Of course, following the motif. I don't want that it's so huge, but a medium sized cake with an elegant black and burgundy designs. I browsed several cakes online and found a lot. Just by looking at them, it seems like you have already tasted it. I have no idea how much would it costs but a friend of mine said it's from 5,000-10,000 pesos and it depends on the supplier. In some wedding receptions services, fondant cakes are part of their supplies but I think there are some design restrictions. But I believe they offer a best deal and they'll follow the preferred motif.

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