Friday, June 10, 2011

I Didn't Mean to Miss My APRIL Updatessss!!

Oh well back to work ladies & gents! It's been a month since I last posted and to me.. it's like years! The transition from winter to spring to summer isn't that so obvious that I don't even know what season we are in right now. Hello? Weather changes and stuff. It's a rainy summer baby! Too bad! So let's just claim that it's summer season right now, o'yea? Hahaha!
It's summah time and as I always promise my self everytime there's a new month, I'll do healthy diet (--errr a more natural way of eating). Thus I promise myself to eliminate artificial/preservativeful stuff around me!
And to have a good start I have invested on these food preparation gadgets for me to hit my aim with all possibility! TADAAAAHHH! I guess I don't need to introduce these mini-machines posted right here in front of you all! :) SO FAR, I'M LOVING THEMMMMMMM!
It's some sort of a team work between me, the time, the money and the possiblities! I can do this, aja! Wish me good pushing luck! Alrighty!