Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Do happy people cut their hair?

I've been wanting to cut my hair months ago. Lo and behold, I just did , last week. Feels so light and good that I have my straight hair back after months and months of combing my locks under the shower, finally I can comb my hair anytime as much as I want to. (o'ye! and yes it's a big deal to me). I'm planning to have a lighter brown color soon once I get a free spot on my schedule (& budget too!) or maybe some highlights. Priorities first.  I just wish it'll go back again, can't wait to have it long and straight. No plans to getting them permed again (No, no, no). So far, no regrets. I'm gaining a lot of weight lately and it becomes a lot obvious on me having this mid-length hair. Have to focus on losing weight.

TMNT Muscle Top from F21 | Leggings from H&M | Shoes from VANS 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


SINGLENESS IN LATE 20s. Some people rush, others believe in the virtue of patience. Honestly, being single during your late 20s freaks me out especially when people around me pressure me to mingle and to socialize with guys. I see nothing wrong with it, I mean not all love stories have a pattern to follow, it is not a one size fits all kind of thing. Once the right person is about to come into your life, ready or not, he surely will. Before I have decided to socialize, I made sure that I'm ready. Preparing yourself into the next step in life doesn't mean doing it by force, or by deadline. It takes time and it takes a lot of compromise. You prepare yourself in becoming better, in putting your self back together and being whole, better person again.It's like updating your self into 2.0 from 1.0.  I do not believe in falling in love when you are mad for revenge, when you are bitter just to look contented, when you are sad just to feel happy or when you feel like you are left out just to be in. That way your know, confidently, that your can present yourself to your right One, an updated version of you. I'm not a relationship guru ala Jo the Mango writing this. I made a lot of mistakes in life before, a lot of them are irreversibile & some are not pleasant to share but these teaches me/us how to take life in a better, wider and matured perspective. It has helped me a lot in enjoying the man I'm with now. It's when you feel happy, truly happy everyday. And that I am thankful for those happy days. Indeed God is love, and I'm grateful because if you have true love, you know, you have God.

You know when it is the right love when you see the future clear in his eyes and when you feel the security of having someone (should I say, extraordinary someone), who is willing to do anything just to be in your life, by all means, against all odds.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bubbly notes by Moi ♥ Pagpapasensya

Sa overall appearance ko, di uso sa akin ang emoemohan. Pero dahil sa mga taong nakakasalamuha ko, minsan di ko mapigilan ang magdrama. Why? Nakakarelealize lang nman ako ng mga bagay bagay. Nakakalungkot lang isipin na un pang mga taong naging mahalaga sa buhay mo, un pa ang taong patuloy na nanloloko syo. Mukha ba akong tatangatanga pra lokohim at pagsinungalingan? Battle nga nman tlga ang buhay, di sapat na armado ka ng mga panangga. Dahil kahit ano't ano pa, may darating na gugulo ng buhay mo. At ang tanging magagawa mo lang, isara at alisin na sa harap mo ang librong matagal nang natapos na minsan mong binuksan, dahil sa pag-asang baluktot pala. At wag na wag nang babalikan pa, para makagawa ka na ng bago. Ung karapatdapat para sa iyo.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Run Forest Run

Fyi: Title has no connection to the ffg post.

Apparently, time flies like a ninja and people do. They come, go, come back, go again, come for the 3rd time and so it goes. In the end, those who keep themselves involved in my life counts. Those who strive to be in my bubble.  And I have learned to treasure them, one by one.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Asana ♥

Stretch it out. After months of doing Yoga, pilates and some body cons, I can now appreciate the benefits of stretching, toning and cardio ex. It helps me relax more, and move with out getting stressed out physically.
Excuse my weirdo pose, but if you are into this, you'll understand.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Body Sore

I tried waking up a little earlier today. Sadly, I am not at my best today, but I struggled to drag myself to meet my agenda. Thanks God was able to do them. ♥
The weather today is so shitty. I can't live forever in weathers like this. Dark, cold, rainy and gloomy. I hate it that my moods are easily affected by the weather. But life must look into the silver lining. I want to sieze my everydays. Hard, but I have to push myself.
Nothin much happened.
♡PS. The sale is on. My target? Just a pair of sneakers, Converse maybe or a Nike Free Running shoes. I am not planning to shop and drop. Im going home in the Phil so, I have to save €€€€€. I have to work hard. Piz!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Bubbly notes by Moi: PERPEKSYON

Sa life,andami nating ideals. Ideal job, ideal parents, ideal tropapipz, ideal bff, ideal ultimate crush, ideal food, ideal streetfood, ideal teacher, ideal type of day, ideal baby, ideal type ng man o woman, ideal partner or kahit nga mga ideal kaaway, masyado tayong mapili. Well, sabi nga ng mga hipsters, YOLO aka You only live once. Pipili ka rin lang, piliin mo na ung the best out of the bunch. Para kang namimili sa divisoria, lahat ng nakatambak, piso kada isa. Siyempre, kung may piso ka lang sa bulsa, pipili ka ng worth ng piso mo. Swerte mo kung may 5piso ka, madamidami din yun. Pero at the end of the day, sa paghahanap mo ng ideals mo, mahuhulog at mahuhulog ka pa din sa bitag ng mga "pwede na rin". Paano kung sa "pwede na rin" ka bumagsak? Anong say mo? Mag-rationalize ka nalang o I-justify ang mga bagay bagay na sa totoo lamang, ikaw at sarili mo lamang ang kinoconvince mo. Dami daming fish sa sea, totoo yun at maniwala ka dun. Sabi nga, wag na wag kang susuko. Practice makes perfect. Para yang lalaban ka sa contest, paano mo makukuha ung pagiging grand winner kung di ka man lang ngrehearse? Sa pagrerehearse kasi, nagkakamali ka, naicocorrect ka at higit sa lahat pwede kang tumigil at umulit ulit sa umpisa. Ulit ulitin mo hanggang maperpekto mo. Wag na wag kang susuko sa life brah. Sabi nga,  prepare for the worse, but be your best self. Isang araw, may madadapa nalang sa harap mo, tpos magugulat ka, kasi baka yun na! Basta may madapa, tumigil o lumingon sa iyo, pwedeng sya ung ideal mo. Un nga lang, sana di ka aligaga para di mapansin, baka malampasan ka. Dun, ikaw na talaga ang may kasalanan. Wag mo na sisihin ang tadhana.