Friday, December 29, 2006

advance happy new year to us!! 2007 is coming.. and let's ol party! yabah!! *hehehe* and so, my new years resolutions are still processing.. i hope this time magiging makatotohanan na sya.. hehe!!! graveh, antalaw ko today! cguro every hour kumakaen ako... i dunno why.. pero gnun tlga cguro pag-inlab.. weee!! and maybe it's because i have this inspiration to eat and eat and eat... staying in the house for almost a week is eber boring. teh cold wind in my bedroom plus teh cold stiffining music of the dresden dolls kills me to death.. hehe.. btw, i enjoy their "gothic" music.. some sort of relaxation to my ears.. like a tralala... aside from the dresden dolls i accidentally downloaded a musical from Lacuna Coil.. it's quite fine.. very stylish sleek type of musicale.. tomoro, i'm planning to register for the next election.. goshie im 20 now and i need to VOTE.. weee its my right, ayt? bye for now... ciao!! kisses!^look!! headband, teh best baby!!^

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