Wednesday, May 02, 2007

let me see.. hmmmkay, yeah and my whole groovy family got that cool swimming escape. we really had fun, eventhough we just stayed there for about 3hours. [haha].. it was like i was relieved of everything, the stress and all that, burdens and stuffs.. the board exams is a great stressor, and if u can't carry the feeling, it will screw you to death. i mean, i wasn't ready yet to take the board exam. it was like i'm very busy all this time rushing through my requirements. sick! and so my mom told me that i should decide whether i would take it or not. all the decision is up to me... [hehe] and now i'm thinking if i would continue with it... im glad i have supportive family, very understanding. thank God! and i dunno yet what to do.. so i'm asking God to enlighten me. that's all.. till' next time!! ciao ciao! <3>ured moments.VILLA FELICIDAD, is great!

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