Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sunday is my day.. Aww.. I'm missing 2 special people in my life, but hey! i'm not gloomy today.. :] okay, my day is better than before, i woke up at 7:30 in the morning. i got 7 hours of sleep,hmm,sufficient indeed!! :], had my full breakfast and tadah.. may personal vice, The Internet Hopping!! last night i was supposed to enter a post in my dashboard. but! but! somebody got my fuckin' attention.. the poser, the copycat and the insecure girl. i don't really know her personally, but she got the hell out of me! PAINTBOX.COM? ADOBEPHOTOSHOP DESKTOP SCREENSHOT WITH PICTURES EKLAVOO? watthefuck! :] Stolen ideas, kawawang nilalang, such a nutshell, [toktoktok].. hope she's get tired of it eventually.. anyhow, the "Eyes of Magdalene" Group is out! nah.. big thanks to Mac who gave the group it's voluptuous name! mac is really a real and cool friends of mine. i love this girl a lot... bakal ito, pareho kami.. hehe.. kidding aside she's really admirable!! :]

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