Sunday, August 26, 2007

NURSING BOARDS EXAM RESULTS out! :3 and i passed! YAHOO! :3 i owe this to God. grabe, answered prayer talaga ito. the exam was harder than expected, but 70% of mamc-avant garde made it. i'm so damn proud of my alma mater. i don't conmsider this as "chamba".. we deserve it, i know, seriously! compared with other schools, mamc got a very nice rate standing... :3 yahoo.. for sure, naloloka na ang college of nursing sa mamc. hay! :3 after the long wait, the results went out just right. and i'm so thankful that most of us passed! see you guys on october 2! oathtaking, that is! my gala uniform is not yet fixed, goodness!! but i'm super duper excited! advance happy birthday gift for me! but of course, there were some people who didn't make it. and it hurts because some people are close to us.. :'8 i know how they are feeling right now, naganticipatory grieving na ata ako before!... but hey! i believe that God has a major plan for everyone.. :] more than what you expected to be, right? so let's count the blessings!
plans plans?
well, i'm busy working on my student visa to italy. now that i made it in local boards, i'm planning to have my masteral degree in italy. master of arts in nursing! :3 i hope it's God's will! :3 bless me..

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