Monday, June 08, 2009

Sad Ako.

There is no perfect relationships. I totally agree. Trials in a relationship makes it a lot sweeter, for lessons are learned and mistakes are being cleared out. Wala lang, I finally realized how important honesty is in a relationship. Hindi dahil sa hindi ako honest ( 101% honest ako, fyi), pero I believe open communication should be praticed. I'm vocal to what I am feeling to my boyfriend. He knows me a lot, my flaws and the limitations i have. Though these are visible, there are a lot more things that he doesn't know. Things that I think if I tell him would make him think indifferently. I sometimes deny feelings of insecurities and jealousy. I don't want to look "kawawa" or whatever negative feedbacks he might think of. As we talked (yesterday), I have decided to tell him whatever that is bugging me. Since we are in a LDR, I can't help but to worry. I explained every bit of frustrations I 'm feeling, insecurities and jealousy (some are not new). After, I feel a lot more better. I cried to let it all out. And it feels so good. Thank God, he understands me. I believe him when he says "everythings fine".. and "i love you". I give him all the trust that I have, he's all worth it. I'm religiously praying for a healthy relationship. I'm sad right now, for reasons that I don't know. I'll be a lot more better tomorrow. I promise. :)

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