Monday, November 16, 2009

Etchoserang Dinedepensahan ang Sarili

The rant part. (If somebody will react again, I'm gonna jump for joy)
I admit it. Some people hate me. And I love them from hating me. There is a saying that goes.. "You are nobody if you're not talked about". Therefore, I'm not one of those. Hehe. So.. still they hate me from not being a nobody.. (which is kinda weird). And so I have concluded that those people who are in the Nobody clan hates me. Now I have realized how hard it is to be nobody. All talk but haven't proved anything yet. Haha. Trying hard ampota.
^^ I hope it's clear.

Moving on, I've got my salary for the half of the month. I'm planning buy something for myself this xmas. Every payday I make it a point to buy something worth having. Life abroad is ectremely different from the Philippines where you need to budget everything and don't let money pass through your hands without even saving a little for emergency puposes. So, I buy wisely. I only buy the necessary. Since life on earth isn't certain, I'm planning to save up for my Sss fund. I know this is an old move but yeah, I think it is important. Kung may sinuksok may may madudukot. Hehe.. So.. I need to help myself.

Ian. Ti amo da morire..

May kamuka daw ako dito. Sino? Tae.. Pangaers.

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