Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Pink Scarf

I've been eyeing for a pink scarf in one of the botiques (pimpkie) in via torino. It costs 15 euros. Good thing I was able to stop by in Tezenis Portello this evening and found the a pink scarf which is almost the same as the one I saw in Pimpkie. Meno male, for only 5.90 I was able to buy it. Haha. Ting ting One point!

The day was really fine. Sun is shining really brightly but the wind chills are still there. I started to feel the feeling I felt when I first came here, the coldness. I'm not so happy, honestly. IDKW. :|

Things to do tom. 1. Laundry 2. Clean the house 3. Go to church 4. Chat with Ian (Miss him always) 5. Rest. After tomorrow, work again. It isn't cool. The only thing that I'm looking forward this Monday is my pay. So tell me to smile now. Hehe.

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