Wednesday, September 01, 2010

From NAIA to DOH to MXP

Travel from Italy to the Philippines and vice versa takes around 16-17 hours. It's like you are travelling on the ather side of the world. Yes, we just came from a long tiring and stressful travel back in Milan. Aside the fact that I'm feeling extreme sadness from going far from Ian, I encountered several trials along my way. Recently, I noticed that trials come in my way but God gives me courage to face them and guidance and blessings (these are the people behind me helping me to get thru it successfully).

I have decided to update this blog from Ian's request to do so. He's a big fan of my entries here, Reading my blog entries way 4 years back up to present. I easily give in to his request easily when it comes to matters of remembrances and memories. He is my angel on earth, my bestfriend and my future. I can never imagine my life without his support. I believe I can never find another Ian in this world. God has been good to me all the time.. By the way, IT IS OUR 33TH MONTHSARY TODAY!!

I haven't rested yet. I only slept for 2 hours (but I told Ian I'll be online in an hour). Mama and Papa came by and we shared stories, especially the operation I had. We realized we miss each others company. The weather changed totally. From Malpensa the temparature was 9 °c, too cold for me wearing short shorts a sleeveless and a thin sweater. In short, fall is coming. Ever since, I hate this season.

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