Friday, September 10, 2010

Jemian's Day

TODAY'S MOOD: Happy in Love

Jem: Woke up 9am.
Ian: Woke up earlier.
Jem: Started breakfast at once.
Ian: Went to HP to shop for food.
Jem: Is in fruit diet.
Ian: Ate bread ( too lazy to cook)
Jem and Ian taked for more or less 3 hours. (YM)
Ian and Jem had a power nap for 30 mins.
Jem: Took a bath.
Ian: Cooked and ate fried galunggong for dinner.
Jem: Went down with his brother to buy fish too, feels like eating what his bf eats.
Ian: Finished eating.
Jem and Ian chatyped since Jem's wonderful laptop's mic isn't working.
Jem: Her mom prepared the fish and they ate together.
Ian: Waiting for Jem.
Jem: Texted Ian goodnite.
Ian: Slept.
Jem: Rested too ( but not to sleep )

TOMORROW: Sabbath with fellow Filipinos. HAPPY SABBATH!

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