Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Late Weekend Post aka Lazyness

My weekdays were jampacked.

T'was realy cold (oh, well the weather changed when the equatorial equinox began). Since I was asked to render a part in the sabbath school program, by any means I need to come early. I only slept for 4 hours for I slept really late the night before. On my way to the church with my bro, I experienced stomach upset for unknown reasons. Sabbath went on smoothly however during the AY program, I experienced extreme headache or should I say a migraine attach. It lasted for hours until the time the whole program was finished. On our way home, in the metro specifically, I vomitted a lot. Thanks to the paper bag my Mom prepared for us. That I realized, Mothers really know best. I feel relieved for a moment after that. I slept for 4 hourds when I reached home, then woke up to eat something. Good memorable day tho'. :D

Our practice and bonding day. Ok, to make the story short we arrived late. 1 euro fine!!! Goodthing we weren't just 2, Mari, Claire and 2 others were also late. Goodthing tho' since we need to raise funds for AY. We practiced 2 songs and t'was really fun. Oh! yes before that we played softball over a small hill. It was actually the first time I played softball and eventually I got the hand of it. Over all... fun fun fun sunday. Thanks to my AY family. :)

Today, Ian isn't feeling good. Please do pray for his flu recovery... GET WELL SOON MAHAL! I LOVE YOU!

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