Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My First Pet Plant

Before the day ends we went with my parents in Esselunga to do buy some food stuffs. As i went down the aisle I saw this cute little plant on one of the plant shelves. It caught my attention and had no second thoughts of buying it for such a cheap amount.My father said that it wouldn't last for a long time and this plant is good only for a week. Well, I though I can make it last for a couple of months. It serves as a challenge for me tho, but when I saw the tiny roots, tiny stems and tiny leaves I, likewise sense that it is weak. Yes, it looks weak but I know it can survive. I have a strong confidence that it will. Honestly, I don't have a green thumb nor I don't know the exact name of this plant, but I'll try to take care of it the best I can.

Suddenly, I just correlate this plant to a relationship. The life of this plant as the relationship it self and the soil and the plant as the 2 persons in love. If only the soil and plant hold on to each other without letting one of them lose the other, surely they'll stay alive. The sunlight and water as understanding ang love will keep them alive as well. With the collaboration of these these things together, 100 percent it'll make a good strong plant no matter how weak it looks. Looks are very much deceiving, remember. :D

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