Monday, October 11, 2010

My Last Post as 23 Year Old

My Lil' Bro

I'm felt so much guilt after waking up this morning. I realized I haven't update this site for quiet a long time now. However, before my age steps up 1 more number, I have decided to post.

I've been busy in a new blogging site, It is a pretty good site, for fashion, designs etc name it. I'm not posting my personal issues there but one thing I like about it are the freebies they are giving away. This is like a revenue generating site, but instead of them giving you real money, they're giving virtual money you can use in buying their cult items. I'm eyeing a LV tote bag as my first purchase. Long way to go but, yea, I'm almost there.

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! I'm 24 and I'm loving it. I dont have this super big celebration but and I don't want us to go out and eat outside. I'm not feeling well because I have discomfort on my op site, the weather is getting a lot cooler everyday. So, I think we'll celebrate at home. I wish Ian is here to celebrate with us. I hoep next year we'll have him here. In God's will.

So, OK. Glad that I remember to post before I turned 24. I'm enjoying the last 23 years of my life. <3

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