Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Wazzup Jem! Part 1

I know, I have NO time to blog and I always do photologs. lol, but honestly I've been getting so lazy this past few days. Now, if you are about to ask me how things are goin', it's unbelievably fine. I got a lot of stuffs to do the last week and this week is a lazy week. What am I looking forward for the next days? Hmm.. christmas is out, I don't feel much the spirit of it (Aside from the cold freezing weather). Here are the list (part 1, my laptop is having an attack & images aren't loading the usual way).

HELLO PHILIPPINES! I plan to go back to my beloved home home home with Papa (& hopefully Marc too, if given the means). And Im gonna get loaded up with the food/dishes I miss. O----MG!

 HUGS & KISSES FROM MY LOVE LOVE LOVE. I do miss him a lot, the fact that we don't talk so much this past few days. I'm looking forward to see him soon, again. Sweet?!
MY BENEFIT LUUUX PACK DELIVERY. I know it takes a while. But I'm gonna get those lovelies sooon! How soon is soon, btw?! Fingers crossed!

Oh yea, did yoiu noticed the new layout? I'm freakin (or even dyin') to have my pink/black layout to be changed into something more "me". I've been talking to my brother to make a great layout for me but since we are both lazy, no layout made. I was playing the entire blogger templates & here are the results. I'm seeing myself Vblogging in the next days sooooo... the HD video cam.. come to mamah!!!!

Oh well, till next time. Ciao!

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