Thursday, March 03, 2011

Parcel from Sigma Make-up Arrived!

After a month of waiting, my Sigma Brushes finally arrived! It was such a great feeling knowing that I don't need to pay for the taxes. The parcel arrived from the US, so the waiting time is painful. The brushes arrived in a perfect condition and the Mirror too. Pictures of the Brush Roll + Brushes + Mirror will posted soon! Whooplalahhh! Right now the brushes are dying up (I just washed them with baby shampoo, I'm not too excited, am I?)
BTW, I'm halfway to get my 5th prize. Still deciding whether to get the Rayban Wayferers or the Flip Cam. Can't wait for that moment that I'll place my 5th order. I'll keep ya'all posted! Ciao!

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