Monday, March 07, 2011

My Monday Nail Polish Mini Haul + MA

I went out today for 2 reasons. One would be, to process my application for Tessera Electronica for ATM and two, to do some nail polish hauling! I went to several stores and since summery and springish nail colours aren't out yet, I tried to buy 2 nail glitter toppers from OVS. I think these are somehow regular nail polishes (permanent colours) of Essence the very reason why I bought them. It was such a great deal since the pink one is only €0.99 while the silvery glitter costs €1.99. The shades are: No.04 Carrie (Hot Pink) and my favorite No.02 Julia (Silver). I love these colours, perfect for the sunny season! :)

I'm wearing the Essence Quick & Go You're the One and Essence Nail Art Twins Julia


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