Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Weekend Conclusion

My last post as a bum, y'all heard it right! I've been waiting for this moment to at least let my muscles stretch a lil' bit more and earn for my family. I do love my life and I would choose this life over and over again. God has given me a lot, when it rains it pours!! Wipiy!
It has been a stressful week and I myself can't believe that I'm still up and kicking. Feedbacks back and forth, defending, backstabbing, condemning? etc, DONE. I'm all fed up with these all highschool childish issues running around the corner. I won't stoop down to anyone's level (I don't ever take even the slightest effort to do so,lol). I love being me. I may not have all but hey God has given me just enough not for me to starve. I feel pity on people who drag you down up to the level that you can't pull up. But one thing I can be sure of, I am content and I don't need anyone who'll stand before me. I speak myself, for I no need any one's mouth to speak what my heart feels and my mind thinks. Offensive? yes! Hurting? yes! We should all grow up, not grow down (is that existing, NOPE!). If you see any offensive details found in this cyber diary of mine, just get off and do your thing. I'm not forcing anyone to read my posts, not even let just ANYONE to disrespect my posts. I DO NOT DELETE ANY OF MY POSTED COMPOSITIONs , FOR I FEAR NO ONE! If you don't know what respect means, feel free to click the red X button on the upper left hand side of this window. Clear? Hope so!
Thanks for reading this! LOVE PEACE AND RESPECT (Respect begets Respect, this includes men, women, young or old) You don't ask for people to respect you, it is EARNED.

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