Tuesday, August 02, 2011

2nd of August 2011

** Weird feeling I got when I typed in the number "two". Why?

Mhhkay, so I (or we) did some general room cleaning this morning & we disposed liberal amount of mess and extinguished all the crap out of the room. After doing so, we tend to breath a lot more lighter. Summer & dust come together for all y'know. When trying to pull off some old stuff out of my drawers, I got these 2 old "old" ID Cards of mine way back 3 years ago.

One: My college ID. I can say that this ID was one of the essential things we need to have whenever we are in the campus. No ID, No Entry rule sometimes sucks but for the past 4 years of knowing that if we don't have our IDs with us, you cannot literally get in (unless of course the security guard & you are close friends).

Two: CCN Trainee ID. Apparently, this is the lastest ID I have in connection with MAMC. I have no idea why this ID seems to be so important to me, merely because of the fact that it has been one of the witnesses of something-i-don't-wanna-talk-about topic. Having 3 months of intensive nursing training, from IV insertions, ICU rounds, etc, it made my nursing career a lot more exciting & fun.

How is my current situation? In a scale of 1 to 10, ONE! Wuuuhu!
Basically this chart is one of the vital assessment tool we have in nursing. The images look a bit creepy but this is helpful indeed in making interventions. And look how it has been translated in Tagalog. Kool! :)

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