Sunday, August 07, 2011

Waterpark 2011

Giovedi, 4 Agosto 2011
It feels good splashing all the way and feelin' the summer heat! Again, we (my bros & tita) went to Gardaland Waterpark to experience our pre-summer water adventure. One down baby, and 2 more to go! I've been a Dora the Explorer this summer. And my skin colour is turning into Dora's too!
All images are seen in my PHOTOBUCKET account.
Here some generous snappies.

Moving along, I wanted to say that God has been so good to us, to my whole family. Generous amount of blessings are coming and we are very much thankful for it. As the saying goes, when it rain, it "really" pours. We owe these to God, who keeps my family whole. Simple and happy life, that is what we always wanted. I'm not writing this to brag, but I'm writing this to give everything back to God. All glory belong to Him.
More happenings this August. Can't wait!

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