Monday, November 21, 2011

My Doggie Dog Dog

Meet Miumiu!
I love dogs. We used to own house dogs in the Philippines. The first family dog that we had was Jaworski, I can clearly picture that dog in my mind. He's a huge white askal we had when I was still 4 years old He's named after Rober Jaworski, a famous basketball coach. After Jawo, more dogs came into our lives (I can't recall their names tho').
I've been thinking of owning a dog here in Italy for the past days. I'm clearly aware that owning a dog in a far far away land is really expensive, it's like adding a new family member in the house. I have finally decided to get one after my parents approval. (Thanks Mama & Papa!)
I checked every corners of the cyber space to check on what dogs fits me best. I prefer toy dogs from the start, dogs that I can bring anywhere without giving pain in the ass. I first though of getting a Pincher. These dogs are awesome, they look so smart. Funny thing about these dogs is that they are not aware that they are small (compare to other dogs), so they act like they're the boss.
Then, one breed of dog came into my mind. I suddenly scanned through a pet shop site & saw some puppies of dogs, different breeds. I instantly fell in love with that black dog with these huge floopy ears (with curly hair). I find them so cute, and yes, I have finally decided (with all heart & soul) to get a Cocker Spaniel Inglese.
Last November 13, 2011, I finally got her. I got her from one of the Cocker Spaniel Breeders from Bergamo. This way I'm sure that I got the 100% breed. I named her Miumiu after a luxury line of apparels (Prada). The sound of the name seems like a cat but NOPE, it's a dog. I find it cute & she learned her name in a snap. The first days of her in the house is a huge trouble. Since she's still a baby, she can't contain yet her pupĆ¹ and pipi. After a week in the house & after giving her sometime to get used to doing poopies outside our house, she finally got the habit of doing his business outside, 3x a day after meals. 
She's a lovely dog, no regrets at all. :)

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