Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Survived this Week!

It's friday tomorrow, and I'm trying to think back the things I did to for this entire week to be settled... I got a flu (viral thing!) , fixed some appointments for vaccinations and had may clearance (for my tiro) and patched things up with my job.
Despite the hard, challenging week, i strongly believe that Someone out there is helping me, yes, God. I can strongly feel his presence with me, I got a lot blessings and miracles this week, to the point that I thought that I don't deserve it. But God's love and mercy, and faithfullness is greater than I am.. Thank you Lord, for keeping an guiding me!
Im looking for a restful and blessed weekend.... I love this day! ;)

One more thing... It is such a blessing having a baby! And my friend just got hers,... Goodnews!

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