Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Rain, the after Quake and the Long Nap

Okey, it's been 3 sundays already that we are having a hard time with this weather instability. I just wish that the next would be better, no rain pls though weather previsions that it will.
I woke up reallu late today, and did a few stud before heading to QT8 and too bad it raine just right after I came out of the metro. I'm glad that the church people know how to adjust and still manage to enjoy the rain tru potluck and small chats. For me, that is reallu important.
We went home after a few hours and when I got back home, i slept for 2 hours... I feel revived!
Tomorrow is another week Lord! I dedicate his week all unto Him!! Cheers!

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