Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SweetTooth + DIY Jersey Bracelet

Last night, my brother and I had a quick grocery shopping because were running out of snacks and pikapika as stomach savers (FYI,we will die if we don't have any!). So, we got these super cute meringhe pack that costs less than the ones we usually buy. So, we gave it a try. t'was so delish! But has a different taste because these are oven baked (as described..)
AND! One more thing! I got a chance to see some tutorials on youtube so I got motivated in doing something cute for myself. It is actually called, jersey friendship bracelets and are super easy to do if you know how to braid. Love handcrafts! I'll soon try some of the bracelets if I do have the materials on hand. Exciting!
That's all for the day. Tomoroow is another bright day for me. 2 DAYS MORE TO MY BIRTHDAY!
Made my day! Sweet!
Finished at last! Not bad for a firsttimer!