Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Filming + Bird Attacks + Braving the Cold

Super tiring day -- that is all I can say. I started the day with waking up very early to ran morning chores and to come on time for our 10.30am filming meetups with my friends. We started late because as usual, feeding ourselves is the top priority. We love eating when we go out!!! After an abundant coffee and brioche meal at mcdo we braved the cold weather of the city hoping for lucky encounters with our kababayans for an interview. It isnt easy as it seem, so we do adventures and pauses to stroll places, window shopping, eating (twice!), boy hunting ecc. I should say that we did the mission 70% not bad. We do this all for His glory! :)
Ps. Napoli for Youthe Congress in a dew days! 💟 and! Will finish my travel log for Lucerne tomorrow!

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