Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Car + Sweets from Ph

Heard that our new car will be released this 12.12.12. So excited to see it by January! Its the Toyota Vios Limited Edition 2, in noir. We prefer it black since its more elegant and classy. But if I will buy my personal, I would like it GoldRose. Can't wait Weee!
And finally got the Goldilocks and Muhlacks stuffs. It's been a while since I last tasted these polvorons. Im a sucker for sweets, and I will only stop if I feel like my throat is about to be inflammed (sorethroat). It gets irritated if I eat too much sweets, so, its the bad news.
What else?? Something to look forward to? This Sabbath will be our church thanksgiving for this year 2012. Poi, will have to be a tourist for a day in Lucerne Switzerland! I soooo love December!

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